Monday, May 28, 2012

Fantastic Fish Swim Through the Last Full Week of School

We began the week by looking at our journals. 

The children enjoyed looking back at all of the wonderful experiences from the year!
Drawing a page about our visit to the pier aquarium was the next step at this center.

Creating Swimmy from a banner that the children created at exploring was lots of fun! Swimmy is the main character in a book by Leo Lionni. The children stuffed the fish cut out and stapled it together. It is proudly hanging in our classroom!

Creativity comes in many forms as the Fantastic Fish build hats with fish builders!

Creating a fish by cutting out a pie shape and adding triangles for fins and decorating the fish with markers was another favorite center time project!

Working on the computer was a center time activity that not only reinforced letter identification, but also gave the children an opportunity to practice using the mouse and the skill of clicking and dragging letters.

The End of the Year party was enjoyed by the children with the help of so many parents! We started outdoors with a fishing game, fish squirts, throwing bean bags at a target and scooping fish with pelicans.

The sandbox was open for creating soup and castles!!

Using bubble wands, beach balls, and shaving cream was lots of fun!!

Indoors the children painted bird houses using liquid watercolors.

They decorated treasure boxes with jewels and stickers!
 Number Bingo and number match were other activities that were enjoyed by all!
The children found a creature in the water table with a number on the bottom and matched it to the ponds that were numbered on the table!

The children decorated towels with sea life stampers and paint, and visors with sea life foam stickers. Each child became a fish, laid down on a towel, and was lured with a gummy worm dangling from a fishing pole. Snack was shell mac 'n cheese and a miniature octopus ( Hot dog cut at one end!)

We want to thank all of the parents that helped at the party and those that were with us in spirit!! Your children touch our hearts daily with their creativity, wit, talents, and humor!! It has truly been a FANTASTIC year. We treasure the memories!!