Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Busy Week in the Life of the Fantastic Fish!

The Marine Science Lab was open for the children to look at sea life specimens with magnifying glasses and to use their imaginations with caring for stuffed sea creatures!

We opened the TP tube chyrsalis from the bulletin board at center time with the help of Ms. Fenech and found the coffee filter butterfly the children created last week.
To our delight the real chrysalis on the basket handle opened on the same day right before lunch! It was one of those  wonderful coincidences!

We let the wings dry during rest and it wasn't quite ready to fly by the time we left the classroom. So we decided to release the butterfly the next day. Ms. Fenech came back from aftercare and said, "Where's the butterfly?" Later that afternoon, Mrs.Mundell found the butterfly on the shelf and these children were able to observe it!
 The next day we looked at the butterfly and found joy in releasing it!

Creating an octopus using the bubble wrap paper was a multi-process activity which incorporated cutting, stapling, gluing, counting, and singing!!

Creativity abounds with blocks. These girls created a sea life aquarium.

The boys created shapes and cars with the velcro builders!

The children delighted in creating names and words using the duplo letters. They used word cards that we have in the art center and name cards that we use for lunch!

We visited the pier aquarium and touched a chocolate chip sea star, a sea urchin, hermit crab, and a brittle sea star.
 Miss Grace was our guide and she read Charlie Clown Fish and Annie A. by Suzanne Tate. This book demonstrates how clown fish and sea anemone help each other!!

We fed the pelicans fish and traveled back to the bus on the trolley!!

We had our last lesson with Mrs. Smay. She read How Chipmunk Got His Stripes? by Joseph Bruchac!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat was sung as they rocked the rocker on the playground!
Painting sea life at the easel was another popular activity during the week!
Exploring activities this week included shadow dancing with sea life puppets, making bubble prints by blowing through a straw, creating an aquarium for snack, using keyboards, and printing t-shirts with real fish that we got at the pier!