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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fish Tales 5/14 ~ 5/18

We started the week by looking at a wonderful sea life BIG book!

We celebrated another birthday by reading the birthday book and eating a yummy snack.

We weighed and measured the children! They have grown in so many ways!!

The sea life puppet stage is open in the exploratorium. Is's hard to tell which the children like to do best, be the puppeteers or be the audience. They change the pitch of their voices as they make the puppets talk and we have heard the puppeteers sing to each other!

  We opened the computer and talked about using it as a learning tool. The children worked on it with a program that reinforces letter identification and uses the skills of moving the mouse and dragging letters to different locations on the screen.

The birthday girl shared her birthday book and we all ate a healthy snack!

 We wrote thank you notes as a class and the children printed their names!

The children continue to make connections by matching letters to the rug and by creating words.

Making shapes from other shapes is an activity that the children originate weekly! We provide the materials and they demonstrate the creativity!!

Exploring was an activity filled morning on Friday! We drew pictures by lying under a table and drawing on a paper tapped underneath! Snack was spreading cream cheese, jelly, or peanut butter on a fish bread. We added sprinkles for scales. Playing number bingo was a favorite activity. Deciding which items sink or float was a center that produced lots of conversations!

Mr. Williams led the Number Bingo. Numeral identification from 1-20 was reinforced in English and Spanish!
 Looking at sharks teeth at exploring!

May 25 ~ 9:30 Outdoor Fun on the playground
 May 25 ~ 10:00 ~End of the Year Party
If you are going to be traveling next week and will not be sending your children to school, please write us a note.
May 28 ~ Memorial Day Holiday
May 29 ~ Full day of school
May 30 ~ Last day of school. You may pick up your child from the classroom at 11:30 or we will start car line at noon!